Work amidst a pandemic: a safe return post lockdown

Photo:Preventive Measures from COVID-19 at Workplace

The COVID-19 crisis has put our personal and professional lives with an array of problems. We had adjusted to the virtual office away from the hustle of daily commute. And we are gradually getting into work from home. But now, after living in difficult times and witnessing unprecedented changes due to COVID-19, now is the time to gear up to go back to their work and step out of the houses once again. The fear of leaving the house can be crippling.

It is a prominent concern that post lockdown anxiety can stem one from being worried about COVID-19. With the pandemic still raging on, returning to work after lockdown will be unsettling due to concerns over health risks. But, being cautious and double down on precautionary measures while we venture back to the workplace will definitely keep corona virus at bay. Karuna Foundation Nepal, amidst the situation, resumes the workplace taking all precautionary measures. KFN’s safe work at workplace regarding how to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 includes a number of useful checklists including for physical distancing, hygiene, cleaning and health all of which assist to address the immediate need to create COVID-19 safe workplaces. All the employees are abide by post lockdown working protocol. In the post lockdown protocol, there is clear indication of does and don’t during and after the office period as well as while working in field. The guideline has been prepared to implement program and activities of the organization in a risk free and systematic manner in the aftermath of the lock down imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The guideline has helped for the employees to easily venture back to the workplace. Moreover, the provision of lunch plan at office, consideration in food standard and health provisions has ease to back to work.

Photo:Preventive Measures from COVID-19 at Workplace

Due to the official post lockdown protocol, all the staffs are oblique to put reasonable measures in place to ensure that everyone associated with an organization is protected from harm. Nevertheless, personal habits are to be changed as we are moving towards new normal so that one save oneself and many others around.

 All in all, one should understand that the world is dealing with a pandemic and it may be for a while; this understanding will become easier to live with it. No matter what the situation might be, the first step is to take precautionary measures by oneself which we are adopting in our workplace.

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