• Identification of an infant with Cerebral Palsy

    Bibek Tamang, 11 months old child resides at Teliya, Chhathar Jorpati-4 with his grandparents and mother. Shanti Tamang, mother of Bibek Tamanag, was just 20 years old when she gave birth to him. Bibek has a history of birth asphyxia and he stayed at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Dhankuta Hospital for 5 days after birth. He has difficulty using

  • Every Pregnancy Matters: A Safe Mother is a safe Baby

    Sajana (name changed) is waiting out the last weeks of her pregnancy, a time that is joyful to her. But a 22 year old pregnant woman's anticipation has turned into anxiety when she was diagnosed with COVID positive during her last ANC visit.  The PHCC lacks skill birth attendant and equipped resources to further carry on her delivery. Understanding the

  • Changing the lives : Corrective surgery of a Child with bilateral Cleft Lip

    “A baby with masking tape around the lip is an option for a mother to hide her baby’s deformity tells more.” The family was saddened with pain when the only child, a baby boy of mother Manjana Limbu and Father Buddhiman Limbu, was born in a family with a cleft lip, a congenital birth defect in a child parents are

  • चित्रभित्रकी सुमला

    हवीलचेयरलाई साथी बनाएर आफनो जीवन विताइरहेकी देउमाई नगरपालिका वार्ड न. २ की सुमला राई अहिले १४ वर्षकी भइन् । निरन्तर अरुले सहयोग गर्दा पनि दिनचर्यामा कठिनाई बेहोरिरहेकी उनको रातो अपांगता परिचयपत्र छ । “म तीन कक्षासम्म पढदा हिड्न सक्थे । त्यसपछि खुट्टा कमजोर भए र हिड्न सकिन अनि पढ्न छोडनुप¥यो । उपचार गर्दा पनि निको भइन् । हातहरु पनि खासै