Every Pregnancy Matters: A Safe Mother is a safe Baby

Sajana (name changed) is waiting out the last weeks of her pregnancy, a time that is joyful to her. But a 22 year old pregnant woman’s anticipation has turned into anxiety when she was diagnosed with COVID positive during her last ANC visit.  The PHCC lacks skill birth attendant and equipped resources to further carry on her delivery. Understanding the risk that might confront to both mother and baby, the PHCC suggested the couple to take her to Koshi COVID hospital for further treatment. The family struggles to get by on to manage to take her to Koshi hospital since they belong to poor family.

Mr. Raj Kumar Yadav, Deputy Health Coordinator (also program focal person of DPRP) of her Palika managed to refer her to Koshi hospital from PHCC with the management of an ambulance cost from “Rural Safe Motherhood Program”. A pregnant women whose due date was near had to travel almost 175 kilometers in six hours crossing difficult pathways; one of the problems exacerbated by the pandemic. Reaching upon the Koshi hospital, Karuna Foundation Nepal team managed to admit her in the hospital. Now, the couple sighs some sort of relief. Along with this, Karuna Foundation Nepal supported essential items like mosquito net, blankets, mattress, water boiler, accommodation and nutritious food was provided to her and her husband along with her sister who came along with her.

Yet despite these challenges, Ms. Sajana says she feels more prepared for childbirth and better supported than she did before. Because of her well preparedness, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The parents’ happiness has no bound holding their first baby safely in this turmoil situation. Now, both the mother and baby are safe and are also tested COVID negative.

As COVID-19 strains health care systems to near breaking point, pregnant women, women suffering from childbirth and newborns are increasingly vulnerable to it.

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