Story from Sikre-1

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Tamang, a 39 year old man hails from Pudhi bhanjyang, ward no. 4 of Sikre VDC who has a wife, a son and two daughters as family members.  He clearly remembers the moment the earthquake struck. “I was busy working as a mason to build a house in the village when suddenly the house began to shake. I heard people screaming and yelling outside from their houses. It was scary.” he says. He hurriedly came out to an open place but could not stop thinking of his house and his family members. With the quake subsiding for a few moments, he rushed towards his house to see his family members. He was shattered to find his house completely flattened in the ground with all of his livestock covered by the rubbles. However, no human loss occurred, his wife had managed to run out to an open space while his children were in the field doing their field works. During the brief talk with him, we could see the agony he went through in his face.

After the earthquake, the days and nights were very horrible. His family lived in a makeshift shelter for a week with a few recovered food. Though the rain was the last thing that the family and the villagers wanted then, nature kept going against them. The recurrent aftershocks with the following downpour troubled the family living under the tarp a lot. After a couple of weeks, the family managed to raise a transition shelter with old CGI sheets. Following a couple of months, the CGI sheets from Karuna Foundation Nepal with kind support from GIZ Nepal turned out as blessing for them. With the New CGI sheet, the family has been able to raise an improved temporary shelter where they run a small grocery shop to run their daily life.

During the talk, the man acknowledged Karuna Foundation Nepal and GIZ Nepal for the CGI sheets for construction of shelter. Construction of temporary shelter not only provided shelter but also encouraged him to move forward in his life. It has already been one and half months that the grocery shop has been running. He is satisfied with his business now. Mr. Tamang is planning to make a new permanent house in the next two years.


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