• What the future is like: Lack of Assisted Living Facilities for Adults with DisabilitiesIN NEPAL

    Dawa (name changed) has neuro-developmental disabil­ity called cerebral palsy. When Karuna Foundation Nepal (KEN), a cross disability NGO identified Dawa in his vil­lage in Kavre, he seemed to be neglected not only by his com­munity but also by his family. Reasons such as physical inju­ries, lack of care, lack of refer­rals for medical and rehabilita­tion services, poor socio-eco­nomic status, and

  • Path towards dignified life for landless Musahar families in Sunsari

    In a country where employment is not guaranteed and where state social security does not exist at all, access to land is important for the livelihood of the landless and poor households. Addressing the issue of landlessness is more important as this is disproportionately borne by the marginalized Dalit communities. Among the absolutely landless, 22% are Dalits although they are

  • अपाङ्गका लागि वरदान बन्दै करुणा

    गोविन्द लामिछाने- इलाम, २१ वैशाख । इलाम जिल्लाको साबिक आमचोक–४, हाल फाकफोकथुम–३ की टीकामाया पाण्डेको सानो छँदा आगोले खुट्टा पोलेपछि हिँडडुल गर्न कठिन भयो । ११ वर्षीया पाण्डे खुट्टा खोज्याउँदै विद्यालय जाने, घरबाहिरको काम गर्नुपर्ने बाध्यतामा थिइन् । सानो कद, त्यहीमाथि खुट्टाको भर नहुँदा उनलाई घरको त के कुरा, विद्यालय जान आउन पनि समस्या थियो । तर एचआरडिसी, बनेपा गएर