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Karuna Foundation Nepal works for prevention of avoidable disabilities among children and adults and improvement in quality of lives of persons with disabilities and their families by strengthening government health care system and empowering families and communities. Karuna is also active in disability inclusive disaster relief and rehabilitation after the earthquake of 25th April, 2015 in Nepal through holistic approach.

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चित्रभित्रकी सुमला

May 28, 2018

हवीलचेयरलाई साथी बनाएर आफनो जीवन विताइरहेकी देउमाई नगरपालिका वार्ड न. २ की सुमला राई अहिले १४ वर्षकी भइन् । निरन्तर अरुले सहयोग गर्दा पनि दिनचर्यामा कठिनाई

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