Where There is a Wheel There is a Way!

Ms. Diya Tamang, a 27 year old, permanent resident of Surching-9, Sindhupalchowk is the survivor of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. Seeking for a better employment opportunity, she migrated to Kuwait just like many Nepalese youths after the devastating effect of earthquake.
Unfortunately, just after four months in Kuwait, she suffered from nerve paralysis and her one leg stopped functioning. Though she appeared for acupuncture therapy numerous times, her situation became worse and both of her legs got paralyzed. She said “I spend all the time on my bed and my father and mother helps me manage my basic daily tasks.”
When we asked about any facilities provided by any other private or government institutions, she said, “I have not applied for the disability ID card and have no access to any benefits provided by the Government of Nepal.”
With the support and coordination from Karuna Foundation, we gifted a wheelchair to Ms. Tamang on December 22, 2017. She was very delighted and expressed whole hearted gratitude towards Karuna Foundation and F-SKILL. Her only grief was her village home not being wheelchair friendly. F-SKILL has considered her to enroll and provide woolen knitting training, psychosocial counseling, life skill counseling and entrepreneurship development session funded by UN Women Nepal from January 2018.
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