Unique but not different!

2 April 2018 was World Autism Day and we wore blue to celebrate! To honor World Autism month this April, we wanted to share a story about a boy from Erautar, Ilam district who was unique to many children he grew up with.
Roshan Ale Magar enjoys exploring his surrounds and playing in the mud. He is a boy with lots of energy. However, his parents were worried when they observed that he did not like to go to school, enjoyed being in his company and did not like communicating with others.
Roshan was introduced to the Inspire2Care program which is a community model aimed at preventing avoidable disabilities among children and adults and creating an enabling environment for children and adults with disabilities and their families by strengthening communities. Through the program, Roshan was diagnosed with Autism. Roshan and his family were linked with Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS) through Inspire2Care and provided with the support to travel to Kathmandu to receive information and rehabilitation service. ACNS discovered that he had a special interest in playing the Madal (a traditional musical instrument). On returning to his village from Kathmandu, he was given the musical instrument which he really seems to enjoy making music with. His parents from then have been following the intervention techniques that ACNS had advised.
Today, Roshan attends Samaj Sewa Yuva Sudhar Sang, a special educational set up located in Ittavatta Mechinagaar Jhapa. Since his enrolment in the school in 2015, Roshan seems to be making progress in his education and social skills. He is able to copy down what is written on the text books and also writes his name with some help. He is starting to understand about matters on hygiene and maintains his hygienic condition with some help. He has begun to greet Namaste without numerous repetitions as the repetitions have decreased. His father stated, “I am very happy with my son’s progress and I think my son has received a new life.”
Karuna Foundation Nepal extends its congratulations to Autism Care Nepal Society and Samaj Sewa Yuva Sudhar Sang for the provision of its services. Karuna Foundation strongly believes that together we are stronger in our interventions in creating a barrier free world, to promote inclusion.
*Consent taken from Roshan’s father.

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