Story from Sikre-II

This story is a prototype of the 25th April earthquake survivors in the severely affected districts of Nepal.

Mrs. Tamang, seen in the picture is a 55 year old woman with her husband in ward no. 5 of Sikre VDC.   Located in the remote Nuwakot district, the VDC is among one of the hard hit areas by the tremor which is exacerbated by the difficult topography of the village. While the lady is thankful to have survived the earthquake, she says that the family lost most of their belongings that ranged from cooking utensils to food grains, goats and clothes with the house completely turned to rubble.  The condition got even worse with the arrival of monsoon when the family was living under a delicate space made out of tarp. Even cooking food out of what the family had was difficult then.

With the two bundles of CGI sheet along with construction materials like roofing nails, hammer and labor cost to build the improved temporary housing, the family was able to raise a temporary house where they could live in.

Mrs. Tamang thanked Karuna Foundation Nepal and GIZ Nepal for the support put forward. Foods grains were recovered from debris and are now stored under the temporary shelter. The shelter not only protected them from the monsoon rain but also protected their food stock from rain. The major source of income for the family is agriculture and daily wage. The couple has their son, daughter-in-law and their grandson staying back in Kathmandu.

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