Child Protection Project (1st Phase)

  • A total of 4,923 children were reached
  • 3,110 children with disability were identified to be under safe and protective environment
  • 40 children with physical disability were referred to other organizations for wheel chair
  • Information, Education and Communication materials (leaflets, posters, radio jingle) to sensitize on vulnerability of children/adult with disability during disaster and child protection issues were developed in participation of 40 children and adult with disabilities and disseminated
  • Likewise, 222 children with disabilities were provided with essential individualized specialized services such as temporary shelter, food support, educational support, necessary health services, assistive devices and livelihood support
  • Two most vulnerable children; one each from Nuwakot and Kavre were rescued and placed in alternative care

Child Protection Project/Rehabilitation (2nd Phase)

  • Total of 1,324 cases were supported.
  • Thirty children referred for other provisions such as disability identity cards, education and orthotics/prosthesis.
  • 53 children supported for family preservation support, assistive devices and medical intervention/physiotherapy, and one child provided with alternative care.

Humanitarian Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Services in Earthquake affected Kavre District of Nepal, with special attention for children and adults with disabilities

  • 880 households benefitted from tarpaulin sheets.
  • 75 families of persons with disabilities supported for construction of temporary shelters.
  • Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), a Strategic Partner Organization (SPO) of Liliane Foundation conducted health camps at different places in coordination with Karuna through which a total of 969 earthquake survivors received medical services.

Rehabilitation of earthquake affected families through Construction of Temporary Housings In Sikre and Samundratar VDCs of Nuwakot District

  • 1,005 (Sikre: 499, Samundratar: 506) households constructed some kind of temporary shelters.
  • 30 select households (families of casualties, families of persons with disabilities and single women headed households) received financial support for labour cost to construct temporary shelters at Samundratar VDC.
  • Two drinking water supply systems constructed, one in each VDC.
  • Two community buildings built, one in each VDC.

Strengthening the health, safety and development of children

  • Three health posts repaired- Dumraha, Bhaluwa, Aurabani.
  • One health post supported for an ambulance shed- Madhesa.
  • Six ECD centers constructed, two repaired and nine supported with education materials.
  • Six DPOs capacitated through leadership and management training and supported seed capital to start saving and credit.

Rebuilding Heath Facility and School in Ilam District

  • Two health posts reconstructed in Shreeantu and Maipokhari VDCs.
  • Two special education centers reconstructed (one for deaf children- Karfok and one for children with intellectual disabilities- Barbote) and one special education centre for blind children repaired (Ilam Bal Mandir).
  • Educational materials provided to these three resource centers.

Post-earthquake Rehabilitation of Children/Adults with Disability

  • 10 children with disabilities were supported with medical interventions.
  • A child with physical disability “” was identified by one of our social mobilizers with multiple talents. .
    • Thus a focused program to hone his talents was conducted.
    • He was kept at a special education center in Kathmandu where he received education, mentoring on singing and painting.
    • An event was held on 20th May, 2016 where his paintings were auctioned and his first song with a music video was launched.
  • Four houses of persons with disabilities were reconstructed according to the Government’s design and livelihood support supported.
    • Amir Bhomjan, Palung
    • Hari Prasad Mainali, Lamidanda
    • SarmilaThokar, Basamadi
    • Binayak Adhikari, Gadi

Small Scale Livelihood Support Project for earthquake-affected persons with disabilities in Sindhupalchowk

  • 40 beneficiaries comprising families of Persons with Disabilities and injured by the earthquake were oriented on Entrepreneurship development.
  • 16 beneficiaries received training on poultry farming and goat keeping.
  • All the families got seed capital to start small enterprise.
    • Small shop business-20,
    • Goat keeping-10,
    • Poultry farming-6
    • Tailoring-4

Post Earthquake Rehabilitation for persons with disabilities

  • 100 persons with disabilities were supported with Household kits.
  • Seven persons with disabilities were supported for Income Generating Activities.
  • Forty benches procured for a school.

Disability Inclusive Relief and Rehabilitation after the earthquake in Nepal

  • Disability assessment was carried out in Rasuwa and some parts of Kathmandu valley reaching 556 persons with disabilities.
  • The project supported 24 persons with disabilities for medical treatment, 51 for assistive devices, three with livelihood support and 15 with vocational training.
  • The project conducted inclusive education training for 55 teachers and six resource persons from four VDCs of Rasuwa.
  • Ramp from main road to health facility constructed in Ramche VDC.

Post-Earthquake Restoration of educational infrastructure in Rasuwa District of Central Nepal

  • Three schools are being constructed with four rooms each in partnership with School Management Committees.
  • Weekly Child Protection Program with Public Service Advertisement is being aired via local FM stations.
  • Street Drama prepared and performed at three places.
  • All VDC secretaries and other participants from GOs and I/NGOs oriented on Child Protection.

Livelihood Program for Disaster Affected Persons with Disabilities in Bhaktapur

  • Five Self Help Groups formed.
  • Two events of Entrepreneurship trainings held.