Health care

Basic health care has been improved through infrastructure, extra human resources, 24 hours service, medical equipment, medicines, lab services.

  • 6000 households (35.000 people) have access to improved basic health care.
  • Number of patients to the Heath Posts has been duplicated.
  • 350 patients have been referred to a hospital for specialized care and the costs have been covered by the community based health insurance system (without any financial support from Karuna Foundation).
  • Mother and child health indicators have increased with 5%.

Community based health insurance

  • 2225 households (12.500 people) are member of the community based health Insurance system and financially protected against costs. This is more then 30% of the Total population of Karuna’s project area.
  • Every village manages its own health insurance scheme. In all the villages there is a balance between yearly income and expenditure.
  • In the First two years on average 30-50% of the total income comes from local resources. The other 50% is from Karuna Foundation.
  • At present, 70% of the Share&Care villages are continuing independently after the exit of Karuna Foundation Nepal.
  • Karuna Foundation Nepal is one of the key players to push the agenda of Health Insurance in Nepal; health insurance is one of the developing issues of Ministry of Health .