Ramala Karki – A hard working student and loving daughter.

Mother and daughter sharing their story

Mother and daughter sharing their story

Today is World Down Syndrome day and this years theme is ‘what I bring to my community’. So Karuna Foundation Nepal brings you a story from far eastern Nepal about Ramala Karki. Ramala is 14 years old, she studies at the local primary school, she is in grade 4. She also has Down Syndrome. Ramala’s parents were able to learn about Down Syndrome when she attend a disability health camp in their community. Following the disability health camp a community based rehabilitation program known as Inspire2Care was initiated. This program assisted Ramala to receive informal education in the home to progress her studies. Ramala previously completed grade three, three years in a row and has now been able to enter grade four through support and provision of educational materials. Ramala has been included in the school community and her hardwork has been recognised.

Ramala parents previously worked laborious jobs with long hours and little income, leaving little time to spend with Ramala. Ramala’s mother, Bimala was provided with an opportunity to undergo vocational training to make bamboo products. Following the training Bimala has made over 90 stools and has more than tripled her previous income. This vocational change allows Bimala to complete her work with her daughter near-by and the flexible hours increase the quality time in which they spend together.

As Karuna Foundation Nepal expands its reaches in the Eastern part of Nepal the hope is to make continued positive impacts in local communities. So today we celebrate the lucky few who are born with 47 chromosomes. How are we celebrating? With #LotsofSocks! We have brightly colored socks, long socks, printed socks, you name it we are wearing it – you too can show your support for World Down Syndrome day by wearing your best socks.

#WhatIBringToMyCommunity #WDSD18

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