Post Earthquake Emergency Response

Time Period: May 2015 till December 2015
Project Partner: Reach Out Too
Project Area: 14 severely affected districts
Direct Constituents:-
Earthquake affected population: Around 100,000
Persons with Disabilities: 8,000

Immediately after the earthquake, Karuna Foundation Nepal turned into a lean and mean relief organization to help the earthquake survivors. In the first three months Karuna Foundation had already reached 85 VDCs of 17 affected districts reaching around 15,000 households (100,000 populations) with immediate relief materials (food, tarpaulin, medicines) and supported over 3000 families for temporary shelters. As a disability focused organization, Karuna Foundation paid more attention towards children and adults with disabilities reaching 8,000 of them. We acknowledge all the organizations supporting via Reach Out2 and other organizations, within and outside Nepal, for their direct and indirect support.

Humanitarian Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Services in Earthquake affected Kavre District of Nepal, with special attention for children and adults with disabilities

Time Frame: 5th May 2015 till 4th August 2015
Project Partner: Liliane Foundation
Project Area: Kavre District
Constituents: 5,744 populations (includes 955 families)

Kavre was one of the adversely affected districts by the catastrophic earthquake on 25th April 2015 with nearly 315 deaths, 930 injuries, and 30,000 private houses fully damaged and 10,000 partially damaged. Karuna had worked in Kavre from 2007 to 2013 which motivated us to intervene immediately for the relief in the district.


Rehabilitation of earthquake affected families through Construction of Temporary Housings In Sikre and Samundratar VDCs of Nuwakot District

Time Frame: July 2015 till 15th November 2015
Project Partner: GIZ
Project Area: 2 VDCs of Nuwakot District
Constituents: 1,005 families affected by earthquake

The main objective of the project was to support reconstruction of temporary shelters to the total population of the two VDCs including components on WASH. All the works were done in close coordination with the DDRC, Village Disaster Relief Committee and the local communities.


Child Protection Project

Time Frame: June 2015 to 31st April 2016
Project Partner: UNICEF
Project Area: 14 earthquake affected districts
Persons with disabilities and their families : 4,923

Karuna joined hands with UNICEF to implement child protection project focusing the needs of children with disabilities affected by the earthquake. The main objective was to identify children with disabilities affected by the earthquake and their needs and provide them immediate support. 14 Volunteers were appointed to work in 14 the most affected districts to achieve the above objectives who worked in coordination with DDRC and collaboration with District Child Welfare Board (DCWB), Women and Children Development Office (WCDO) and National Federation of Disabled Nepal (NFDN).

The partnership project had two phases – Identification and immediate support; providing additional rehabilitation support.

Immediate Results in first phase

The second phase of the project focused on children with disabilities in need of longer term rehabilitation support. In this phase, the project focused in eight districts based on the number of children with disabilities needing longer term support.

Results in 2ndphase

Strengthening the health, safety and development of children

Time Frame: 1st September 2015 till 1st February 2016
Project Partner: Weishuiss Foundation
Project Area: Six VDCs of Sunsari District

Sunsari was not among the severely affected districts. However, a number of health facilities were damaged in the district among which four were in the project VDCs of Karuna Foundation (Aurabani, Bhaluwa, Dumraha and Madesha). Two were severely damaged while the other two had repairable cracks. A number of ECD centres were also affected. This project aimed to support renovation and reconstruction of the health post buildings and Early Childhood Development Centres.

In addition, the objective of the project was also to strengthen the capacity of Disabled People's Organizations (DPOs) in the villages and establish cooperative led by Persons with Disabilities in the longer term.


Rebuilding Heath Facility and School in Ilam District

Time Frame: 1st September 2015 till 31st June 2016
Project Partner: Makoto Maki Foundation
Project Area: Two VDCs in Ilam
Constituents: 9,370

Although Ilam was not severely affected by the earthquake in compared to other districts in terms of human loss and property, there had been damage in public facilities such as health, education and other basic services. The aim of the project is to restore the basic health services and special education by reconstructing health facilities and special education centers respectively.


Post-earthquake Rehabilitation of Children/Adults with Disability

Time Frame: 15th May 2015 till 31st April 2016
Project Partner: Netherlands Leprosy Relief
Project Area: Makwanpur District
Persons with disabilities and their families : 31 (15 persons with disabilities, 16 family members)

In Makwanpur, the devastating earthquake claimed 34 lives and left 127 injured. The project was implemented with an objective of providing emergency support to affected children and adults with disabilities through health, shelter and income generating activities.


Small Scale Livelihood Support Project for earthquake-affected persons with disabilities in Sindhupalchowk

Time Frame: 25th February 2016 till 31 st May 2016
Project Partner: International Organization for Migration
Project Area: Rasuwa District and Kathmandu Valley
Persons with disabilities/injuries and their families : 200 (40 persons with disabilities or injuries; 160 family members)

The main objective of the project was to help improve the livelihood skills and increase the income of the families of persons with disabilities or those injured by the earthquake.


Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation for persons with disabilities

Time period: 1st July 2015 till 31st July 2016
Project Partner: Light for the World
Project Area: Rasuwa District and Kathmandu Valley
Persons with disabilities/injuries and their families : 1,100 (220 persons with disabilities, family members- 880
Pregnant women and their families: 305 (61 pregnant women, 244 family members)
Under five children : 1,100 (220 U5 children, 880 family members)

Among the 14 severely affected districts, Rasuwa stands on the top list in proportion of causalities and damaged facilities. Almost 90% of the water supplies were damaged; all schools were damaged, affecting two third of water and sanitation facilities in the schools. All the health posts were destroyed affecting health care services throughout the district.


Disability Inclusive Relief and Rehabilitation after the earthquake in Nepal

Project Period: 19th July 2015 till 31st December 2016
Project Partners: ADID Alliance: Netherlands Leprosy Relief, Karuna Foundation Netherlands and Liliane Foundation with fund received from SHO Giro 555
Project Area: Kathmandu Valley and 18 VDCs in Rasuwa

This project aims to provide emergency and rehabilitation services to earthquake-affected persons with disabilities and their families focusing on improving their health, livelihood and show casing disability friendly public facilities.


Post-Earthquake Restoration of educational infrastructure in Rasuwa District of Central Nepal

Project Period: 1st October 2015 till 30 th September 2016
Project Partner: Terre des Hommes-Netherlands
Project Area: Five VDCs in Rasuwa (Bhorle, Ramche, Syafru, Thuman and Bridhim)

When the earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April 2015, about 20,000 school buildings were destroyed mostly in central Nepal. This project aims at restoring education system through reconstruction of disability friendly classrooms and create awareness on child protection.


Livelihood Program for Disaster Affected Persons with Disabilities in Bhaktapur

Time Frame: 1stNovember 2015 to 31stOctober 2016
Funding Partner: ReachOut2
Implementing Partner: Resource Center for Rehabilitation and Development (RCRD)
Project Area: Bhaktapur District
Direct Constituents:-
Persons with disabilities and their families : 450 (90 persons with disabilities; families of persons with disabilities-360)

Devastating earthquake cause loss to livelihood options of many families in the country. Bhaktapur is one of the most affected districts. Karuna is implementing livelihood program targeted to the earthquake affected families of persons with disabilities in two municipalities of Bhaktapur district.