Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program

A Joint Venture of Provincial Government, Local Government and Karuna Foundation Nepal

Project Period: 2019-2025
Project Area:117 (Rural)Municipalities of Province No.1

Direct Constituents:- 77,770 (persons with disabilities), 311,080 (family members), 785, 754 children under 10 years of age and 281, 754 Golden 1000 days mothers
Goal: To contribute to the reduction of preventable disabilities, maternal and neonatal deaths and development of disability inclusive society
1. To increase access to and utilization of maternal and neonatal health and nutrition services by all sections of populations
2. To improve quality of lives of persons with disabilites and their families
3. To contribute towards strengthening of community support system and service providers including health institutions, among others.

Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (DPRP), previously known as “Inspire2Care”, is now officially on the radar of the Government of Nepal. The three parties: provincial government, local government, and Karuna Foundation Nepal have come together to decrease the incidence of birth defects, reduce maternal and neonatal mortalities, and develop disability inclusive society in Province 1. The implementation is governed by the ‘Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (Implementation) Guideline 2019’, endorsed by the Province 1

Government. While the program kicks off with preparatory activities solely financed by Karuna in the first six months, the first two years of the program are financed equally by the three parties. Then Karuna Foundation Nepal exits from the municipalities after an additional year of technical support. This makes a program cycle of 3.5 years including the first six months of preparatory activities. The program will then continue independently with joint financing of the municipality and the province government.

Th local government, the implementing partner to this program executes prevention targetted activities via local health facilities and Community Based Rehabilitation activities are led by CBR Facilitators. The CBR Facilitators are community workers with a background in health and are appointed by local governments.

Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (Implementation) Guideline 2019

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