Lhakpa Tamang’s Story to Inclusion: Identity & Livelihood Most Importantly

Lhakpa Tamang was born blind. He never had the opportunity to pursue education on an equal basis to people his age or even his siblings. He dropped out of school after grade two. Poor socio-economic status of family, the lack of disability friendly infrastructures, lack of braille academic resources and challenging mountainous terrain in his village of Grang, Rasuwa were multiple barriers to his inclusion. Moreover, the big earth quake on 25th April, 2015, caused a landslide and destroyed their house along with alltheir property. Lhakpa currently lives with his father and wife. The family continues to live in a temporary makeshift shelter.
When Karuna Foundation Nepal (KFN) identified Lhakpa during a livelihood assessment activity, they intervened immediately to support him based on his inclusion needs. In liaison between KFN and Lhakpa’s family, Lhakpa became a member of the self-help group (SHG) in his village and took out a loan of Nrs 40,000 to upgrade his father’s meat shop and increase income. After upgrading the shop with new resources, Lhakpa immediately engaged himself to work with his father in the butcher shop. He not only cleans the chicken, burns and cuts them into pieces for customers; Lhakpa also helps his 80 year old father do other chores. If you are wondering how Lhakpa conducts his daily activities he replies, “I am blind. I have conceptualized myself to conduct activities such as walking from home to my father’s butcher shop and helping him.”
Furthermore, KFN assisted Lhakpa in applying for the social protection benefit and ensured his access to the monthly disability allowance of Nrs 2000 among other welfare benefits and entitlements.
KFN is providing ongoing need based support to Lhakpa to further facilitate his inclusion in various domains.

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