Journey towards entrepreneurship

Jamuna’s house in ruins after earthquake of 25th April, 2015 Photo courtesy: Jeevan Sunuwar(CBRF-Laharepauwa)

Jamuna Waiba -19 of Laharepauwa VDC is a deaf and mute child who first came in contact with Karuna Foundation through our prevention and rehabilitation of childhood disabilities project in Rasuwa. She was a school dropout and due to the counseling of our CBRF she rejoined her classes but due to the lack of a special school in the district it was hard for her to ace her studies in regular school. Soon she dropped out of school again and found a new passion and probable economic prospect in tailoring.

We gave  her 6 months of basic training for tailoring and a sewing machine to gear up her journey towards financial independence. She opened a small shop in her village and earned up to 7 thousand per month. After that, to hone her tailoring skill, we lobbied with CTEVT (government technical institute) last year and gave her advanced training.

After the devastating earthquake of 25th April 2015, Jamuna’s family suffered too. Their house andall their personal belongings were in ruins including the sewing machine which was her aid for income generation.

With the advanced training she got from CTEVT she was able to earn up to 23 thousand per month which is a huge leap in her income generation. After earthquake she again enrolled in a refresher training provided by government, they even gave her a simple sewing machine. After the request she made with Karuna Foundation for a Lock Sewing Machine with the motive to aid in her business we provided the said machine. When she came in Karuna’s Office in Dhunche she even made a small souvenir (handmade money purse) for me. She shared that she is selling them in Kathmandu through a channel in their village which is an additional income for her.


She has become an inspiration in her village and in the child club of Laharepauwa VDC. It is a matter of great pleasure for us that we helped a young woman find her way towards independence.


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