Chairperson- Mr. Govinda Prasad Adhikari  

The word ‘Kaimg_0396runa’ means ‘compassionate action’ and we have embraced the name of our organization very sincerely. Each of our projects have been implemented through compassionate action, and Karuna is inherent in each of our actions. As an NGO in Nepal, Karuna has brought forth an innovative idea that not only benefits persons with disability but their families, the society, and the nation as a whole.

We have not only succeeded in sensitizing our fellow citizens about persons with disability, we have also helped to make them aware, more open, and inclusive of persons with disability. We help persons with disability by helping them in a holistic way. While facilitating the rehabilitation of persons with disability by adopting the WHO Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) matrix, we strive equally to prevent avoidable disabilities.

I have always believed that every person should be treated with equal dignity, and that whether a person is with disability or not is irrelevant in the bigger picture of life. Just because they have some form of disability does not mean that they are incapable of fully realizing their potential as members of the society. By empowering persons with disability, we open up a whole world of opportunities for them. And, at Karuna, we strive to create such opportunities for those whom we help through our actions.

It gives me great pleasure to note that we have been blessed with generous donors and a dedicated team of members, due to which we have met and surpassed our expectations. We firmly believe in accountability and transparency at all levels of our work, and we also strongly identify that the most important stakeholders in our work are the persons living with disabilities.

As we continue our hard work in the vital effort to change the perceptions about the society at large regarding the position and value of persons with disabilities among us, and as we press towards engaging the state to change its policies, on behalf of Karuna, I want to express my gratitude to the donors and team members who have dedicated themselves to Karuna’s mission. And I hope that we will have your continued support in the years to come.