• Story from Sikre-1

    Mr. Dhan Bahadur Tamang, a 39 year old man hails from Pudhi bhanjyang, ward no. 4 of Sikre VDC who has a wife, a son and two daughters as family members.  He clearly remembers the moment the earthquake struck. "I was busy working as a mason to build a house in the village when suddenly the house began to shake. I

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  • Inspiring Story of Ramati Mothers’ Group

    Inspiring Story of Ramati Mothers' Group Mrs. Bimala Shrestha was at her local shop when the ground suddenly starting shaking. She hurriedly came out of her shop and gathered at an open place with her husband who was in the shop with her at the very time. “I felt as if the day to die had come. I had in

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  • A remarkable journey to awareness; a case story of child club in Rasuwa

    Karuna Foundation Nepal has been implementing the P&R project (now Inspire2Care) project in Rasuwa since 2011 with a vision that believes in a world in which each individual, with or without disabilities, has equal access to good quality health care, can lead a dignified life and can participate as much possible in community life. Regarding this, along with government entities

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  • Journey towards entrepreneurship

    Jamuna Waiba -19 of Laharepauwa VDC is a deaf and mute child who first came in contact with Karuna Foundation through our prevention and rehabilitation of childhood disabilities project in Rasuwa. She was a school dropout and due to the counseling of our CBRF she rejoined her classes but due to the lack of a special school in the district