Bachha Bahadur Katwal and his journey from hopeless ends to endless hopes.

Bachha Bahadur Katwal

Bachha Bahadur Katwal’s happiness has no boundaries when he received an artificial leg. His face shows height of joy when he receives a pair of shoe as a gift.

Bachha Bahadur is a permanent resident of Ilam municipality ward 1 Sakhejung. At the age of 38, he met a road accident where his right leg gets amputated below knee (upper trans tribal amputation). After an accident, his life gets changed affecting his daily activities. Though his family was fully dependent on him, he was unable to support his family physically, emotionally and financially.

Karuna Foundation Nepal found him in 2018, when Inspire2Care (I2C) program was started in Ilam Municipality. Upendra Khanal one of our Community Based Rehabilitation Facilitators (CBRFs), came in contact with him. Enhancing livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities can have far reaching impact on their lives and can prove to be a transformatory tool for social change. Bachha Bahadur is one of the epitome of change agent.

With the emergence of micro-credit, he came up with the knowledge regarding the importance of Self-Help Groups in promoting livelihoods. Gradually, he gets involved in Self Help Group where he participates in regular meetings and SHG activities. When he saw other persons with disabilities in SHG, he gets more motivated to enroll himself. Meanwhile, he used to arrange and conduct group meetings at his own home too. The regular participation meetings empowered him more and also enhances his livelihood too. The more he gets involved in SHG, the more he acquaintances support mechanism which became an inspiration to other persons with disabilities too. The trainings he received rekindled in him the long standing desire to become an entrepreneur. He was also trained on saving and credit mobilization to further strengthen to promote livelihood. He also received seed money from SHG from which he started goat farming and he expects good money from it.  This seed capital served him to promote entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile as a medical intervention, Ilam team continuously coordinated with Mr. Ratan Kumar Chaudhary, President of Marwadi Sewa Samiti to provide prosthesis for person with disabilities of Ilam. As of which Bachha Bahadur was benefitted and sent to Kathmandu on March 14, 2019. His prosthesis of leg was done by Mr. Hariram Bogati, Technician of Marwadi Sewa Smiti. He shares his joy as, “Every individual I across through this process of getting my leg back were very supportive and humble. I havenot met such supportive people after I lost my leg. I am very much thankful to Upendra Khanal, CBRF who proposed my name for prosthesis, Karuna Foundation Nepal and Mr. Hariram Bogati for my prosthesis of leg”.

Regular counseling, encouragement and participation in different meetings and activities made Mr. Bachha physically and financially more capable and socially recognized. He shares,” Now there are many people who are eager to take photographs with my two legs and I am also famous in social media in my community.” He is perfect example for persons with disabilities who is now not living with hopeless ends but yes with endless hopes.

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