An Artificial Limb to Promote Income Generation Activities

11 years ago, Tika Bahadur Newar, 46 years old, had an amputation of his leg due to Gangrene. He was devastated about his future at that time. Today, he owns Bhim Guest House in Briddhim, Rasuwa. He informs that tourists usually visit during peak trekking seasons for home stay.

“When one of the village representatives mentioned to me that there is a disability related camp coming to our village, I took the opportunity to enquire about the problem with my prosthesis. One staff from Dhulikhel Hospital also suggested me to get the required help from Karuna Foundation Nepal.”  At the disability outreach camp conducted by Karuna Foundation Nepal and Briddhim village collaboratively in February 2017, the doctor and physiotherapist counseled him to get new prosthesis. “The old prosthesis gives me rashes and makes it time consuming for me to walk as I have also put on weight.”

Karuna Foundation Nepal in liaison with Tika’s community linked and supported him to get his prosthesis assessment from the National Disabled Fund in Kathmandu in August. “As per the specialists who are making my new prosthesis, they assured me that my walking would be far better from before. I do not have to bend my back like in the past. I am deeply grateful for the work that Karuna Foundation Nepal has done for my betterment. This will help me to concentrate on my work and generate income effectively.”

Tika is excited to collect his new prosthesis from National Disabled Fund when it is ready by October.

Interviewed and compiled by Pallavi Piya, Communication & Documentation Officer, KFN.


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