Karuna Foundation Nepal envisions a world in which each individual, with or without disabilities, has equal access to quality health care and education, can lead a dignified life and can participate as much as possible in community life.


Karuna Foundation Nepal’s mission is to save children from disability, one by one and create inclusive society.


Reduce prevalence of disabilities, improve quality of lives of children and adults with disabilities and bring progressive changes in the lives of families ‘at risk’.


  • To improve access to and utilization of Maternal and Child health services
  • To develop disability inclusive society focusing on health, education, livelihood and empowerment of persons with disability and their families
  • To strengthen the capacity of community or developing ownership and mobilizing local resources so that program sustains
  • To promote disability inclusive Disaster Risk Management
  • To lobby and advocate for mainstreaming disability
  • To ensure holistic development of targeted constituents

Objectives according to Constitution