Message from the Chairperson

Dr. Bharat Mani Devkota

Dr. Bharat Mani Devkota

For over a decade, Karuna Foundation Nepal has been working with some of the most marginalized communities in the country. Staying true to its mission of saving children from disability, one by one, Karuna Foundation Nepal’s holistic approach to disability prevention and rehabilitation focuses on direct reach to its target populations. As a result, we have been able to touch the lives of children, women and persons with disabilities in remote corners of Nepal, which I believe to be the organization’s biggest achievement.

At Karuna, we strongly believe that strengthening community systems is the only way to sustain all development efforts. In our quest to prevent avoidable disabilities and improve quality of life of persons with disabilities through Community Based Rehabilitation, we have worked in direct partnership with Provincial government of Province No.1 and local government for greater ownership. Therefore, it gives me immense pleasure to see that our disability prevention and rehabilitation model – Inspire2Care – has been adopted by the government of Province No. 1, of Nepal and named as Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program. The replication of this model throughout the province, together with provincial and local governments, sends out an extremely positive message for a country that often places disability as the bottom of its development agendas.

Since the very beginning, transparency, accountability, responsibility and non-discrimination have been the guiding principles that are reflected in all our actions and projects. These deeply imbibed principles shall continue to guide us as we strive to change people’s perceptions about disabilities and press for greater changes at the policy level. I strongly believe there could no better time to push for a more inclusive society with everyone’s focus on leaving no one behind. I also believe that there is much to be done with this regard. And as always, I look forward to the continued support of our generous donors and dedicated team members who have made all our achievements possible thus far.

While we began with a new modality winning cross governmental confidence and support, we continue to build upon our experiences. It is my immense pleasure to be a part of this process as we enter an era of greater reach and bigger impact. I can only look forward with hope for what we can achieve together as an organization!