A remarkable journey to awareness; a case story of child club in Rasuwa

Karuna Foundation Nepal has been implementing the P&R project (now Inspire2Care) project in Rasuwa since 2011 with a vision that believes in a world in which each individual, with or without disabilities, has equal access to good quality health care, can lead a dignified life and can participate as much possible in community life. Regarding this, along with government entities (District Development Committee, Village Development Committee, Village Development Rehabilitation Committee, etc.), it has been working on community based rehabilitation of under 18 children in 4 VDCs of Rasuwa namely; Laharepauwa, Dhaibung , Ramche and Bhorle.


In the process of empowering the communities, KFN has worked with different local bodies as well and has also helped to make them functional. Out of these bodies child club in each project VDC is one of the crucial ones. So to capacitate them, KFN along with VDRC has been conducting different types of trainings like leadership training, child right training etc, which will give them the exposure to learn about their basic rights and can contribute in creating awareness in the community regarding different social issues related to children’s development. Among them Sachetana child club of Ramche VDC has carried out a remarkable activity recently in their village. Ramche VDC is predominantly habitat of Tamang’s and has high prevalence of child marriage. To make people aware regarding the negative ramifications of child marriage, members of Sachetana child club organized a street drama focusing on abolishment of child marriage along with the importance of education and disablity friendly environment in school, they also organized a parents meeting where they counsel parents regarding adverse effects of child marriage. Because of this particular activity the children were able to stop the child marriage of Thuli Maya Tamang-12 and Sapan Tamang-13 in Grang (a remote place in Ramche VDC) and motivated the parents to re-enroll their children in school. As a result of their noble effort, now both the children are regularly going to school and continuing their studies in grade 6 and 7 respectively in Shree Seti Bhumi Secondary School, Ramche.


When asked about how they thought of doing that activity Bijaya Tamang (member of child club) replied that they were motivated and were aware about the roles and responsibilities of child clubs and the right of children from the training KFN organized on 16th to 18th September, 2013 and he was very much inspired by the Trainer.


Similarly, Karbutti Tamang (Chairperson of the club) who herself has vision problem says, because of the child club she is now confident and happy that the issues of disability is now being taken seriously in the school premises as well as in the community. She feels that she is a part of something that is making a positive change in the society and wishes to continue social work.


Dawa Furba Tamang(CBR facilitator of Ramche) says, there has been a  wave of change in the community since CBR program has been implemented in his village. He is also surprised by seeing such enthusiasm in the children regarding such activity and now he feels that the younger generation will definitely bring some positive changes in the village.


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